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From "Aditya Athalye" <>
Subject RE: About Struts + JBoss preference issue
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 11:17:10 GMT
Very True...Struts wont cause the delay...Anyhow Bean lookup and getting reference to the component
interface bein remote calls are inherently slow in nature.So I think even with a normal servlet
u wont get any performance gain. As said earlier check if u can optimise ur SQL queries or
even ur DAOs. Try to cache queries and other resources which are expensive for creation.Also
look into your Java code and see where u can optimize it.

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	From: news on behalf of Vic Cekvenich 
	Sent: Thu 7/22/2004 4:39 PM 
	Subject: Re: About Struts + JBoss preference issue

	Because Struts is a layered application, you can stress test the
	performance of your data layer by itself. If the DAO is slow, or the SQL
	is slow,  then Struts can't serve it fast.
	So, test the performance of DAO layer.
	Koon Yue Lam wrote:
	> Hi ! My application has change from Struts + Tomcat to Struts + Jboss 3.X
	> I create various struts Actions to deal with incoming request, in the
	> Action class, it preform remote lookup of session bean's home
	> interface and create, destory ... it.
	> My session bean has an DAO attach to it to preform database related stuffs
	> NO entiy beans in my application since transaction is not a problem
	> and most DB query are read only
	> The question is the speed, it is much slower when I request an Action
	> instead of directly request a servlet. Is it normal ? I don't mind a
	> little bit preformance tradeoff but I want to know the delay is caused
	> by Struts or something else.
	> Any help?
	> Regards
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