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From sean jones <>
Subject Re: Problem with Dynamic text boxes
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 14:29:21 GMT
 <biswajit.basak <at>> writes:

> hi i have to display a screen in
> which the no of rows are dynamic. in each row there are 2 text boxes where
> user can enter values. after entering the values in the
> text boxes user press 'SAVE'  button .  in the Action form  i
> have to validate the values in the validate() method . also in the Action 
class  there will
> be some data processing. but how can i use get(),set() methods
> of the Action form,as the no of rows are not fixed.i am trying to avoid the 
> name'); in the Action form or in Action Class.Any Suggestion! Thanks
> Biswajit Basak

in your action form you can do this.

String text1[];
string text2[];

public void setText1(String text[]) text1 = text; }
public void setText2(String text[]) text2 = text; }
public String getText1() {return text1; }
public String getText2() {return text2; }

validate() {

if (text1.length != text2.length) {
//save this error here.
else {
   //loop through arrays validating each pair.
   //and saving appropriate errors. 

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