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From Vic Cekvenich <>
Subject Re: Struts/tiles: Run-time definition of which tile to include
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 22:56:04 GMT
basicPortal (a Struts Portal w/ rich UI and iBatis DAO) uses the the 
tiles to control the page “modules”, for example here:

You can see beta of it here, should go live:

ZD replaced Vignette with the Struts Portal for the 5 gaming magazines, 
and 10MM users (Resin 3 and a non sharing groups of app. Servers) . It 
has hundred of configurable pages, forums, rich UI, CMS of course, and 
latest of everything. For example to click on “Friends of” you can the 
person's friends and then you can keep drilling down. Another neat 
feature is that as soon as you join you can go to to go to your gaming home page. (When it 
leaves beta, it won't be called ogamo).

It was done in 3 months with 6 developers. Another nice basicPortal not 
done by baseBenas is installable. That's right, it installs the DB, 
Tomcat, Struts, the portal, etc. and you surf, very neat. Since this was 
not my project I am not sure if I can link it but if you e-mail me I 
will give you the url to download and install a Struts Portal; no source 
just jars and not as powerful as above.
Above is great to surf, it would take you days to see all it does.


<a href =""> Portal Struts CMS Forums Rich UI 

Lokanath wrote:

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> Sent: Monday, May 31, 2004 4:00 PM
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> Subject: Re: Struts/tiles: Run-time definition of which tile to include
> On 31/5/04 2:52, "Michael McGrady" <> wrote:
>>Why don't you just use an
>>ActionForward to go to the tiles definition in tiles-defs.xml you
> Maybe I didn't explain myself well.  The point is that I don't want to have
> one set of tile definitions for when they're logged in, and another set for
> when logged out.  I want a single set of definitions, with the status tile
> putting up appropriate content depending on whether they're logged in or
> not.
> One way would be to have a status tile that does conditional logic, as I
> showed in my snippet.
> But I thought there ought to be a simple way to do away with the conditional
> page and do the whole thing in the definitions file: In my definition file,
> I want to say "insert tile A or tile B depending on the value of bean X"
>  Husted's book, and the Wrox one, are pretty poor on their coverage of
> tiles, IMO.
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