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From mike <>
Subject RE: Theoretical debate
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 14:08:42 GMT

At 06:42 AM 6/18/2004, Frank Zammetti wrote:
>You know, kind of off-topic, but you remind me of a conversation I had 
>with someone at work here, maybe you guys would have some
>I ask because most of the Struts apps I've seen don't bother with the 
>DTO's, they just pass the ActionForm to the subordinate classes, or else 
>pass them as parameters.  It seems that regardless of what literature is 
>telling is we should do, in practice (GENERALLY), people don't bother with 
>the DTO's.
>Have I just looked at the wrong apps?  What are most people doing in this 

I don't know what people are doing on the whole.  I do know that if people 
are not using DTOs, DAOs, VOs, etc. they are missing the boat.  The initial 
work is paid off in volumes.  Also, people don't use enough reflection.  I 
think that the level of sophistication out there is a lot less than we 
imagine.  For my money, the emphasis on IDEs suggests this.  Good 
frameworks, hopefully, take us away from the IDE approach.


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