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From mike <>
Subject RE: Theoretical debate
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 14:04:19 GMT
At 06:36 AM 6/18/2004, Frank Zammetti wrote:

>In that mindset, I can see some logic to saying something like Crysalis is 
>on a better path because your simplifying things a bit by essentially 
>removing a layer.  I think we're all conditioned to think that ADDING 
>layers of abstaction is a good thing, but I wonder if that's not in a 
>great many cases just added extra layers of complexity that we don't 
>really need.

I think that this is closer the issues involved, while over stating the 
simplicity of Faces.  Faces may have less indirection, but I don't think it 
is a picture of simplicity.  I see no reason why it should be either.

For my money, I am open to anything, but I find that Struts really can 
deliver more than promised if used right.


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