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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Any volunteers to get 'Struttin With Struts' more up to date?
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 19:29:28 GMT
I don't have the time now to really get "Struttin' With Struts" more up to date. If anyone wants 
to help getting it up to date with more mondern ways of doing things, 
I'd appreciate it. You can contact me at

Off-hand here are some things that I'd like to fix/add:

1) Fix all the tag definitions to use the URI to the tld in the jars. 
(Do away with the older style of declaring in web.xml and adding the tlds).

2) Make sure JSTL is used in almost all places except for html form 
tags. This involves using c:url instead of html:link, fmt:message 
instead of bean:message, etc.

3) I'd like to rewrite everything using JSP2.0 under Tomcat5. The site 
doesn't take advantage of all the neat stuff JSP2.0 had to offer, but at 
least we can get the web.xml updated and replace all the c:out stuff 
with direct el in the JSPs.

4) Use Struts 1.2. I haven't really even looked much at 1.2 but I want 
to make it compliant with 1.2. Remove all the ActionErrors stuff and 
just use ActionMesssages, etc.

5) I'd like a new lesson to be written that shows using the validation 
framework by calling the validate method from your action. I really am 
not that big of a fan of using the framework as defined in the struts 
config. The main reason is I don't like the problems it causes when you 
need to re-set up Lists that you need for drop down selects after 
validation fails. If you call validate from your action and handle it 
yourself you can easilly repopulate what you need without having to use 
the Session to store these lists. Of course this involves a few more 
lines of code, but I think it's worth it.

6) I get a lot of requests for help with nested beans. I've been meaning 
for a long time to demonstrate how easy it is to work with nested beans. 
(Maybe this could be incorporated into the new lesson as mentioned above 
in number 5?)

7) If someone wants to write a new/better iBATIS lesson that would be 
great. One using the new iBATIS stuff that is out.

8) Clarify any of the wording on the lessons. I wrote this stuff very 
quickly and know I could have done a much better job.

I'm open to any other lessons people want to provide. Of course any of 
the stuff you help with or do, I'll give you full credit on the site.



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