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From "Cosyns Xavier" <>
Subject How appropriately access message-resources from Form classes??
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 09:22:59 GMT

I want to do some custom validation inside my ValidatorForm but
encountered some problems in displaying in a 'struts-recommended way' my
error messages.

>From inside a ValidatorForm I can not find a way to access the resource
bundles configured in the struts config file. I need it because I want
to create an actionError with internationalized arguments.

Something like this:
ActionError("my.error.key", getResourceValue("my.first.arg.key"),

But I do not know how to access my properties in a 'struts' way inside
my ValidatorForm.

With Action there are no problems as we have a getResources() method.

Does anyone have some idea about this,


Cosyns Xavier, 
InveO Consulting & Development
Av. E. de Beco 112
1050 Ixelles 
Tel: +32 2 648 74 32 
Fax: +32 2 648 87 64 

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