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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Question regarding use/stability of Struts 1.2 pre-release
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 17:01:16 GMT
I'm not doing the next release, but I think people still haven't 
caught on to the new versioning process.  With the beginning of the 
1.2.x line, Struts has adopted the release numbering scheme used by 
Apache HTTPD and Tomcat.  This is elaborated at length (and with some 
more formality than Struts will use) at this page:

In a nutshell, there is no release candidate, there is only the 
release.  When the release is made, it is labeled an alpha release. 
That release itself may be re-categorized to "beta" or "general 
availability" later on vote by Struts committers.

Right now, by my own assessment, none of the seven outstanding bugs 
in Bugzilla are "Showstoppers."  The only blocking issue is the 
pending full release of Commons Validator 1.1.3, so that the Struts 
release can have only dependencies on fully-released libraries.

Validator has four outstanding bugs, one classified "major".  I'm not 
sure if it's blocking more on fixes for those bugs or on time for a 
release manager to perform the release, but I think it's more the 

So, that said, I think the most recent nightly build is the best one 
you can choose.  Note that in the absence of a full release, I have 
had a project in production for several months now based on a Struts 
1.2 nightly build from a while back.  There have been no Struts 
issues of which to speak.  (I wonder if we should start a thread of 
testimonials -- who else is heavily using Struts 1.2.x?  Are there no 
bugs because it's that good, or because no one is using it?)

Note that my production app doesn't use the wildcard mapping.  I have 
no idea how that has been tested or whether it will meet your needs. 
Since this is all volunteer, we don't have a bunch of people testing 
everything like a formal commercial product.  The best thing Struts 
community members can do is use the newest version they can afford 
the time to use, and report bugs if they find them, and ideally, 
provide patches to fix them.  This is how we move forward.


At 10:40 AM -0400 5/25/04, Linck, Ken wrote:
>I am are interested in the wildcard action mapping functionality in Struts
>1.2.  Since 1.2 is not in a release state, I went back to the contributor of
>the wildcard action mapping functionality to get his oppinion on whether or
>not is was better to use the seperate package he use to maintain.
>He recommended going with Struts 1.2 because he has been maintaining the
>struts source and that code was ready and more solid than the old package.
>It was his oppinion that Struts 1.2 was stable enough to use even though it
>was not in a release state and the reason Struts 1.2  wasnt released yet was
>that the powers that be to move 1.2 along were extremely busy(which I can
>understand) and/or they might be waiting on milestones to proceed moving
>Struts 1.2 ahead.
>My question(s) are:
>1) Were there significant changes in sources or concepts to Struts 1.2 from
>Struts 1.1 that make using Struts 1.2 too risky to use prior to it going to
>release status.  My understanding(from the web site) is that most of the
>changes were removing deprecated code) though I noticed a few features
>2) If no to question 1, is there a particular nightly build you have
>selected as the release candidate for Struts 1.2 or one that has been
>regressioned should I decide to give go with Struts 1.2?
>3) If yes to question 1, do you have an alternative
>suggestion/recommendation to make use of this wildcard mapping feature..
>Thanks for any advice in advance.

Joe Germuska       
       "Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them 
the usual way.  This happens to us all the time with computers, and 
nobody thinks of complaining."
             -- Jef Raskin

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