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From "Rahul Mohan" <>
Subject code too large for try statement
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 05:36:19 GMT


				I have a JSP page with Struts and JSTL tags. It is pretty big with about
15 conrols and a *LOT* of JSTL tags. When I try host the page in Weblogic8.1
i get the following compile error: too large for try statement
	 try { // _c_set1 popBody() try/finally.. ...

 in other words the try {} block in _jspservice is so huge, it exceeded the
64K limit imposed by jvms.

The root problem I found out to be in the jsp traslation mechanism of
weblogic8.1 container. It translates the entire page into a single
_jspservice method. Is this a known problem with weblogic and jstl tags (i
think its the code for tag thats making the servlet huge) ?

I tried the same page on tomcat. Tomcat does not give any problem as it
handles each tag as a seperate method which is being called from
_jspService. we have to agree that tomcat uses a much better way of doing

  has anybody else faced this problem before? do we have any workarounds,
other than using jsp:include?

 awaiting ur comments....


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