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From Pedro Salgado <>
Subject Re: Way to reload struts Action classes in WebLogic8.1
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 00:16:09 GMT
On 04/05/02 23:50, "Michael McGrady" <> wrote:

> This is more of a passing interest of mine, so I will pursue a bit more, if
> you continue an interest.  I have an application that needs to do this from
> afar on multiple and untrackable sites.  So, the bouncing the server idea
> just won't work for me.  I need this to happen without exchanging
> classloaders, and probably without fiddling with the classloader API.  So,
> this is my thought: that you have multiple dependencies is not important so
> long as they all obey the "pattern" we were discussing, i.e., 1., 2., and
> 3.  So, any application framework that provided reloading only to the
> requisite classes, those that followed this "pattern" would not be
> "half-assed" at all but would be fully workable.  One might even use a tag
> interface, e.g.
> Reloadable, to identify which classes had this sort of
> independence.  If all classes were created and were loaded on this sort of
> structure, there would never be a need to bounce servers, etc.  That, I
> think, is a very workable solution, and another reason why using interfaces
> is so important in designing architectures.  Whew!  That may be false but
> it sure is ambitious.  ///;-)

  Two years ago I attended a presentation about a "reflective component
framework" called FORMAware.

  It is way beyond than just reloading Struts actions but maybe there could
be some ideas that could help you:

  Anyway I think this is good stuff so...


Pedro Salgado

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