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From "Ricardo Cortes" <>
Subject RE: forwarding to a pop-up window
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 16:01:46 GMT
Here's an example of what I'm doing in my Struts application to handle opening up a popup window:

<a href="javascript:popup('<core:url value="/">
	<core:param name="messageSubject">
		<core:out value="${aMessageInstance.message.subject}"/></core:param>
	<core:param name="messageRecipient">
		<core:out value="${aMessageInstance.sender.memberName}"/></core:param>

The DisplayNotePopup action gets called when the user clicks on the link.  The parameter messageSubject
and messageRecipient get passed as request parameters to the DisplayNotePopup action.  Note
that I'm also using the core JSTL tag library.


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From: []
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 10:50 AM
Subject: forwarding to a pop-up window

I'm new to struts. I have a JSP form which when submitted, needs to open a
pop-up window that will display a confirmation message after processing is
complete. How would I do this?

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