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From "Ricardo Cortes" <>
Subject General Caching Strategies
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 14:59:45 GMT
Hi there,

I know this is a loaded question but what strategies are you guys using for caching within
struts?  Our application is moving towards production in the next month or so and we need
to start thinking about caching data as our userbase is around 2 million subscribers.  We
are employing a hardware device for caching static content but what are the best strategies
for caching database (i.e. reference data via Hibernate) data?  Can a simple wrapper around
the ServletContext solve this problem?  What about invalidation of the data?  What other methods
are there for caching data?  Since we are using Hibernate as our ORM framework we'd like to
use some of it's caching capabilities but they seem to be focused on query-based caching.
 How about caching of JSP pages?  We started to look at OS Cache (link below) but we are not
quite sure if it'll work with Tiles.  Has anyone got OS Cache to work in conjunction with
Tiles?  Any insight on the subject of caching would be great.


OS Cache:

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