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From <>
Subject <html:options
Date Sat, 15 May 2004 12:43:28 GMT
What I have:

My DB class returns me following arraylist that I store in request, Pls
see the code below for the Structure

private ArrayList dummyList() {
	ArrayList row = new ArrayList();
	ArrayList data = new ArrayList();

	for(int jk=0; jk<5;jk++){
		row = new ArrayList();
		row.add(new Integer(jk)); 
	return data;
Here I have an arrayList which itself has an arraylist with two elements

My Problem:
How can I iterate it to show the it in <html:options ??? What name I
will provide to iterate it to 
Give Integer element as "value" field and String field as "shown value"

Pls provide some example

Thanks for your time..


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