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From John Moore <>
Subject RE: Setting html:text readonly attribute
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 20:07:03 GMT
At 16:09 03/05/2004, Paul McCulloch wrote:

>1) Use an html (rather than a jsp) tag:
>  <input type="text" name="licenceCount" value="<c:out
>value='${purchaseForm.licenceCount}'/>" size="3" readonly="<c:out
>value='${purchaseForm.newPurchase}'/>" maxlength="5"/>

I've found that this, unfortunately doesn't work, at least with my current 
browser of choice (Firefox), which insists on making the text field 
read-only as long as there is a 'readonly' attribute present. I'm exploring 
the other options next.

I have to say, completely off-topic, that it strikes me as pretty moronic 
behaviour for a browser if you have a boolean attribute, readonly, and it 
interprets "readonly='false'" as being an instruction to make the field 
read-only. But it does.


John Moore     -    Norwich, UK    -

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