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From John Moore <>
Subject Setting html:text readonly attribute
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 13:30:06 GMT
I'm having a big problem trying to dynamically set a value for the readonly 
attribute of an <html:text> tag. I'm using a JSTL core tag to try to set it 
and whatever I do is ignored.

In the example below, the newPurchase property is a boolean. If I use 
exactly this tag elsewhere on the page, it outputs true or false as 
expected. Here, though, it has no effect on the attribute, whether 
newPurchase is true or false - the input tag generated is missing the 
'readonly' attribute.

         <html:text property="licenceCount" size="3" readonly="<c:out 
value='${purchaseForm.newPurchase}'/>" maxlength="5"/>

I've also tried the following (with as little effect), using an escaped 
double-quote instead of a single quote:

         <html:text property="licenceCount" size="3" readonly="<c:out 
value=\"${purchaseForm.newPurchase}\"/>" maxlength="5"/>

The curious thing is that I can use a similar construct but with an integer 
property to dynamically set other attributes, such as size, as in the 
following example (ignore the logical nonsense of assigning a size on such 
a basis, it's just a test of technical feasibility):

         <html:text property="licenceCount" size="<c:out 
value=\"${purchaseForm.totalLicences}\"/>" maxlength="5"/>

Is there something to do with assigning boolean attributes in these tags 
which I haven't got yet? Or is it just soemthing weird with the readonly one?


John Moore     -    Norwich, UK    -

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