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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Re: LookUpDispatchAction :does not contain handler parameter named ...
Date Wed, 26 May 2004 20:04:00 GMT
shankarr wrote:
> Hi!
> I am getting an exception which reads like this : *:does not contain 
> handler parameter named empfieldsaction
> *
> I have the following jsp.
> <html:form action="">
> <input type = hidden name="module" value="Leads" >
> Leads Custom Fields &nbsp; <html:submit property="empfieldsaction"> 
> </html:submit>
> </html:form>
> <br>

I hate the LookupDispatchAction compared to the regular DispatchAction. 
I started out using it thinking it would be nice, but down the line it 
ends up being a pain, more so from the standpoint of being "unituitive." 
For example later on you might want to pass in a parameter through 
javascript or a url to the same LookupDispatchAction... well now you 
have to make a "button name" for it in your resources file just so you 
can get the lookupDispatchAction can work correctly. It gets annoying in 
my opinion. I understand the concept of the LookupDispatchAction and for 
simple cases it's fine. Ayway, I digress...

What are you passing in for the value of empfieldsaction? You have to 
make sure that both that value is found as the key in your map in your 
LookupDispatchAction and also there is  key/value for it in your 
resources file.


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