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From John Moore <>
Subject Re: Struts/Resin case-sensitivity
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 14:58:32 GMT
Daniel Perry wrote:

>Struts is still case sensitive, so if it's in your struts-config.xml as
>"Contact", then "/contact" shouldnt work.
>I dont know of a way to tell struts to act case-insensitivly.
It may not be that important, ultimately. I wanted to ensure that users 
weren't forced to enter the URLs in a case-sensitive way, to avoid 
endless "Why doesn't this work?" support calls. I had in the back of my 
mind that people were used to case-insenstive URLs, but I just tried a 
few out now and case-sensitivity does seem to be the norm.

John Moore     -    Norwich, UK    -

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