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From John Moore <>
Subject Re: Tiles - getting parent attribute?
Date Mon, 10 May 2004 21:40:00 GMT
Josh Cronemeyer wrote:

>Well, I myself have just started out with struts and tiles too, but I'm
>going to take a crack at your question...
>I don't really see why you have two page titles.  You are setting a page
>title for the menu area of the page and the support area of the page,
>but you are still talking about only 1 page composed of multiple
>Here is what I think you are trying to do.
Yes, you were pretty close there. The 'pageTitle' thing is slightly 
misleading, though. I was not wanting to use it for a title in the menu 
page. Instead I was using it to determine which menu item to disable. 
Thus, if someone is on the Support page, I want to be able to determine 
this in the menu page, so I can disable the Support menu item. That's 
why I needed to pass the title in. IN the meantime I've got around it 
with what I regard as a kludge, but I'll be getting back to the point 
again in a couple of days. As I say, I'm sure it's because I'm not 
thinking about Tiles the right way yet, rather than because it's 
genuinely difficult.


John Moore     -    Norwich, UK    -

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