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From "Andrea M." <>
Subject Struts and JAAS
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 08:22:15 GMT
Hello all
I've got a dilemma trying to implement JAAS in my struts applications.

This is the problem:
I have more applications running in the same instance of the appserver (jrun
4 in my case, but I think the same thing is applicable to the others).
Each application has its own database with its own roles, users, and
authentication rules.
What I'd like to do is to implement many login modules, and to apply to each
application its specific module.
The point is, for what I understand the login modules in JAAS are stackable,
so it goes thru all of them looking which one passes.
So, if you set all of them as required every authentication will fail,
because of the logic difference, and if you set them as optional then you
may pass a login just because you have an account in the other one, which
passes. In that case I will have a user logging in the application A, but
authenticated with the login module tailored for the application B!

Anyone with a better clue than me about this?


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