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From "Andrea M" <>
Subject R: <html:options
Date Sun, 16 May 2004 09:48:12 GMT
Hi Raman
I would rather suggest you to put in your scope an ArrayList of beans, each
one eventually with getName() and getLabel()  (or whatever you like)

So.. in that case, if your collection is stored as "dummyList" then you
could access it like this:
<html:options collection=" dummyList" property="name"

Where property attribute will be the value (and the property you will
eventually set in your actionform) and labelProperty will be the text

Another chance if you don't want make a javabean of your own is to use a
HashMap. In that case it will be the same, except that you will have to use
"key" and "value".
   java.util.HashMap myMap = new java.util.HashMap();
   myMap.put("TEXT1", "1");
   myMap.put("TEXT2", "2");
   session.setAttribute("myMap", myMap);

<html:options collection="myMap" property="value" labelProperty="key"/>

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Da: [] 
Inviato: sabato 15 maggio 2004 14.43
Oggetto: <html:options

What I have:

My DB class returns me following arraylist that I store in request, Pls
see the code below for the Structure

private ArrayList dummyList() {
	ArrayList row = new ArrayList();
	ArrayList data = new ArrayList();

	for(int jk=0; jk<5;jk++){
		row = new ArrayList();
		row.add(new Integer(jk)); 
	return data;
Here I have an arrayList which itself has an arraylist with two elements

My Problem:
How can I iterate it to show the it in <html:options ??? What name I
will provide to iterate it to 
Give Integer element as "value" field and String field as "shown value"

Pls provide some example

Thanks for your time..


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