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From "Peter Martin" <>
Subject Validator question
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 22:15:20 GMT
I have a select list that I want to validate the user picked one of the
values.  The options in the select list are as follows:

option[0]    value = ""     label = "Please Select"
option[1]    value = "P"   label = "Probation"
option[2]    value = "T"   label = "Trial"
option[3]    value = " "    label = "None"

option[1], option[2], or option[3] where option[3] is one blank are valid
selections.  I know that I can't use "required" because required will not
except option[3] since it is blank.  I tried using a mask of [ TP].  That
worked for the JavaScript validation, but failed in the validate method of
the ValidatorActionForm.

Any thoughts?

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