Hi, I have a page in which i need to update a "TEXTAREA" when a combo value is changed. Previoiusly i populated a array to have the test for each combo value. var desc = new Array( <%if(icount!=0){%>,<%}%> "" <%icount++;%> ); Now if there was any "enter" character then i get a java script error(unterminated string constant). Now i modified my code to... .. .. .. " > btw.. the java script function goes like this ... iIndex = document.forms[0].combo.selectedIndex; document.forms[0].textarea1.value= document.forms[0].desc[iIndex+1].value; But these values need not be posted on the form submission. Will this cause any problem(Large data)?? Any other simple solution??? Thank you very much, sudhakar PS :I have not used