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From "William Salvucci" <>
Subject is path attribute in tiles definition element module or context relative
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 13:49:45 GMT
from the 1_1 dtd:

<!-- A "RequestPath" is an module-relative URI path, beginning with a
     slash, that identifies a mapped resource (such as a JSP page or a
     within this web application.
<!ENTITY % RequestPath "CDATA">


<!ATTLIST definition       path             %RequestPath;    #IMPLIED>

So that would lead me to believe that it is module-relative. But else
where in the DTD it says:

     path            The context-relative path to the resource used as
tiles to
                     insert. This tiles will be inserted and a tiles
                     containing appropriate attributes will be

My testing leads me to believe that it is context relative even though
I defined the tiles plugin as moduleAware="true", but I may be doing
something wrong.

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