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From Bill Siggelkow <>
Subject Re: Design Question
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 05:32:44 GMT
Erez, it depends a lot on the use cases.  If the admin integration to 
the customer app is all at the back-end (database) then I think you 
should try the separate web app approach.  The separate web app will 
most easily address the security issues.  If however, the admin app will 
be using substantial portions of the object model (classes) and 
presentation layer than you may want to consider having the admin 
functions be in the same web app.  I think using Struts modules can be 
useful here.  I would expand more but I am about to fall asleep.

Bill Siggelkow

Erez Efrati wrote:
> Hi, 
> I am developing an EJB/Struts J2EE application. 
> Up to now I have dealt with the design of the customer web application
> side 
> and I came to the admin area - the back office web application part. 
> I should also point out that I am using the securityFilter filter for
> authentication.
> My question is what is recommended as for the admin web app? Should I
> use only one single Web module that
> Manages both customer and admin (back-office) tasks? And if so, how do I
> enforce authentication rules in terms of URL structure? 
> Or, should I have two separated Web modules (contexts) - one for the
> Customer app, and the other for the Admin app?
> I also saw something about Struts modules, is it related?
> Thanks in advance,
> - Erez

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