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From "Tambascio, Larry" <>
Subject Migrating from Struts to Portlets
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 18:35:43 GMT


There's a rumbling in the not too distant future of my application, and it
involves a portal implementation.  This rumbling is approaching more quickly
than I fear Struts 2.0 (which I'm very excited about) is.  I am wondering if
anyone else has already dealt with this issue.

I'd like to be able to re-use my existing forms, actions, and JSP pages to
render the portlets as much as possible.  It seems like there should be a
fairly thin layer on top of struts that adapts the portlet environment to
struts (or vice-versa).  At kind of a low level, it seems that having a
portlet's processAction method delegate to a specific struts action should
be easy to do.  Capturing the actionForward from it in the request scope so
that the portlet's render method could simply include that page (forwards
apparently "non-deterministic" according to the spec) also seems relatively
trivial.  There would have to be an obvious refactoring of the JSP pages to
use the portlet tag's "actionURL" to generate action URLs for forms.

So, who has converted a Struts based app to a portlet presentation method??
What were you able to reuse?  What worked and what didn't??  What would you
do differently if you had to do it over again?  Obviously, I'd like to
minimize refactoring (perhaps building adapters) and maximize reuse.  :-)
And when Struts 2.0 DOES come out, hopefully I've done nothing to preclude
myself from returning to the fold, but that's kind of a low priority.  Could
a custom RequestProcessor that also implemented the Portlet interface do the
job??  I just honestly don't know, and am hoping to leverage some communal


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