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From "Gogineni, Pratima" <>
Subject Design Question - Struts for Generic Applications
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 16:05:44 GMT
I am designing an interface to interact with our proprietary servers. For a
clean application you would typically make calls to this interface through
struts actions that you would write that are specific to your application &
have form beans that are specific to your view.

Now we also have some customers that might for the purposes of quick
development not want to write any struts-actions. Since  our servers can be
used in many domains & applications we cannot create form beans that
correspond to the view. What we decided was to design the input/output
objects from our interfaces as "java beans" and allow the use of these beans
directly in the view layer & submit to our interface through a
single-generic action.  

This allows the quick (& definitely dirty) development that some customers
require. We also plan to have custom tags that help in the creation of our
propietary inputbeans and submission to our server so as to parallel our old
non-jsp-proprietary tag library that our customers are used to. In someways
I guess we are building a framework for our applications on top of struts?

Unfortunately this adds a lot of complexity in the view - because the form
bean  is not specific to the View and could be bulky. Which is why in need
bean population tags etc to make life easier.

I am curious if anyone else has tried to do something similar &/ anyone has
any views/inputs for this kind of development.


-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Siggelkow []
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 5:56 AM
Subject: Re: Why no Bean Population tags?

Pratima -- it sounds like you are trying to use a JSP page to write data 
  into the session from someplace other than the form.  You probably 
want to put this code someplace else -- like in an Action (or delegate). 
  It is hard for me to guess without more specific information.

Gogineni, Pratima wrote:
> We have bean:write tags that read bean properties and output to the jsp
> page.
> I am wondering why we are always forced to set bean properties through one
> of the form tags.
> In many cases where there are a lot of common properites to be set it is
> easier to set the bulk of the bean properties through bean tags & only
> expose the necessary fields through the html form. This also helps in
> cleaner pages where you want to do redirects through a hidden page which
> sets values into beans in the session.
> I saw the jstl c:set tag but that is not as powerful as the struts bean
> in terms of dealing with indexed properties. So I have had to write a
> tag for this. It seems fairly straight forward to do this & hence I am
> wondering why the standard struts tag library doesnt contain this.  Im
> wondering if this violates some design principle in struts.
> Pratima 

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