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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: [slightly OT] defensive strategy
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 11:35:07 GMT
On 04/13/2004 12:39 PM McCormack, Chris wrote:
> Interesting problem. You could implement image tickets, ie for every
>  user that wants to submit a form you generate a random sequence of 
> characters as an obscured image. 

That's not in the spec, thankfully! I'm only trying to put off the 
semi-determined attacks and any security should be transparent.

On 04/13/2004 12:38 PM Daniel Perry wrote:
> There are lots of ways to counter this. The simplest is a combination
>  of session + cookie. Most people wont know how to / have any desire
>  to delete the cookie.

Problem with scripted attacks is that they drop the cookies and session 

> IPs are useful, but be careful: - Some of the big ISPs (eg freeserve
>  in the uk) have 'hidden' proxy servers, so if popular you may get 
> more than one vote per hour from the same ip legitimately. - NAT - 
> more that one person on a private NATed network may vote in close 
> proximity!

Rats! I knew there would be some problem with it. I don't want to block 
any legitimate voters.

Actually I think I may have a solution now, to exclude scripted votes - 
I shall just put a flag in the session to show that the user has 
actually called up the HTML to see the vote.

That way, any script which fires a submit at the voting system will be 
rejected since it didn't first instantiate a session.

Thanks for the ideas. Certainly helped my thinking.


> -----Original Message----- From: Adam Hardy 
> [] Sent: 13 April 2004 11:23 
> To: Struts Users Mailing List Subject: [slightly OT] defensive 
> strategy
> Sorry for posting this OT question but I've got an issue that people
>  on this list are very likely to have tackled:
> I am developing a traditional online survey app, the kind of thing 
> that alot of people must have done. I am wondering how to protect it
>  from script-kiddies who might want to see if they can bombard it
> with fake votes.
> It's basically public and anyone can take part in the surveys it will
>  run.
> I put a switch to check for a flag in the session so that people 
> don't vote more than once from the websites where the surveys will be
>  deployed.
> But I am worried that kids writing scripts will not be stopped by 
> session flags. Is it worth writing an algorithm to store the IP 
> addresses used for the last hour? Or can they spoof IP addresses?
> If it is useful noting the IP addresses, how best should I store 
> them? In a hashtable in application scope? In the database? In a 
> session EJB?
> Thanks!
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Linux 2.4.20 Debian

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