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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject monkeys-bunches-bananas design issue - not Friday
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 11:24:56 GMT
I've got a design issue re nested beans and DTOs from EJB, the classical 
(if that's not stretching it) monkeys-bunches-bananas situation.

I was wondering how people solve the issue of putting the nested beans 
together from the data in the database.

I am creating my DTOs from a CMP-EJB layer using xdoclet-generated 
classes, which is ideal up to this point.

I want to nest my bananas in my bunches in my monkey, basically, but all 
these classes are xdoclet-generated, so I can't modify them to contain 
an arraylist of child objects.

I'm thinking of subclassing them so the subclass can hold the arraylist 
of child beans.

That seems ugly to me though when constructing the data set, because I 
can get arraylists of the seperate classes but I then have to loop 
through them putting the child beans in the parents.

Anybody got a better way?


struts 1.2 + tomcat 5.0.19 + java 1.4.2
Linux 2.4.20 Debian

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