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From Paul Barry <>
Subject BeanUtils.copyProperties() throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No origin bean specified
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 23:12:09 GMT
I am trying to use BeanUtil.copyProperties() as described in 5.6.7 in 
"Struts in Action" (Husted).  I have an Interface UserBO which my 
ActionForm implements.  I also have a standard JavaBean UserBOImpl which 
implements the Interface.  I have a DAO that returns a UserBOImpl.  I 
would like to use BeanUtils.copyProperties() to copy all of the 
UserBOImpl properties into the ActionForm.  So I am trying this code in 
the execute method of my Action:

UserBO user = dao.getUser(myForm.getId());
UserBO userForm = (UserBO)form;

myForm is just the ActionForm cast into the ActionForm I wrote that 
implements UserBO.  This code compiles, but when it runs I get a 
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No origin bean specified.  Does 
anyone know why I am getting this error?  Is anyone else doing something 
like this?  Anyone getting this error?

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