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From Farid C <>
Subject How to generate a static web site from struts form output ?
Date Sun, 25 Apr 2004 07:28:35 GMT
Good Morning

I have a struts application with a form 
to browse a product catalog (database back end).

A usual query is to ask to show all the products
so instead to use cpu each time a user
requests by the form to see all the products,
I would like to generate static html files
with all the products 

Do you have any idea what could be an elegant solution

I thought to write a standalone program who would
connect the database to get all the products and
generate the html pages on the disk.

Or to write a robot to simulate a user who connects
to the web site, ask by the form to see all the
products and browse in the output pages to dump them
on the web site.

I would appreciate any idea to  code as less possible,
may be there are already some tools for this kind of

Thank you for your time


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