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From Bryce Fischer <>
Subject Re: .properties file
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 00:53:48 GMT
> And in struts-config.xml I got :
> <message-resources
>     parameter="ca.ulaval.fsa.drdb.struts12.resources.
> But still I get the same error messge.  The file exists in the above 
> parameter definition.  I am puzzled!!!!!

Well, one thing that always gets me where you actually put the resource
file. For example, I specify this in my struts-config.xml:

	<message-resources parameter="resources.application"/>

so, in my web application directory I have the following:


Struts treats your parameter like its a package and class declaration 
(its relative to the WEB-INF). Think of it as a class
resources.application. if you had a class com.test, then it would be
located com/test.class

so in your case above, you'd have

Don't know if this was your problem, but I figured I'd throw it out

Bryce Fischer <>

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