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From Andy Engle <>
Subject iBatis caching not working
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 19:01:29 GMT
Hi all,

I can't get iBatis caching to work for anything.  Worse yet, it seems
that I am doing what the error messages tell me to fix, but still
nothing.  The message I have been getting is:

org.jdom.JDOMException: Error on line 9: Attribute "implementation"
must be declared for element type "cache-model".

But I have "implementation" specified, as follows:

  <cache-model name="bir-cache" implementation="LRU">
    <flush-interval minutes="5"/>
    <flush-on-execute statement="insertBir"/>
    <flush-on-execute statement="updateBir"/>
    <flush-on-execute statement="deleteBir"/>
    <cache-property name="cache-size" value="100" />

Also, I have tried replacing "LRU" with
"com.ibatis.db.sqlmap.cache.lru.LruCacheController", but I still get
the same problem.  Is there some other way I have to "declare" my

I have ibatis-db.jar and ibatis-sqlmap.jar in my /WEB-INF/lib
directory, but that hasn't seemed to matter.

What could I be doing wrong?  Thanks in advance for your help.


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