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From "Mete Kural" <>
Subject Re: Migrating from Struts to Portlets
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 10:59:38 GMT
Hello Larry,

The open source eXo portal project has a Struts bridge to view Struts applications as JSR-168
portlets. I've never used it so am not familiar with it. You can check it out at
and join the mailing list to ask them questions.


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From: "Tambascio, Larry" <>
Reply-To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
Date:  Thu, 1 Apr 2004 13:35:43 -0500 

>There's a rumbling in the not too distant future of my application, and it
>involves a portal implementation.  This rumbling is approaching more quickly
>than I fear Struts 2.0 (which I'm very excited about) is.  I am wondering if
>anyone else has already dealt with this issue.
>I'd like to be able to re-use my existing forms, actions, and JSP pages to
>render the portlets as much as possible.  It seems like there should be a
>fairly thin layer on top of struts that adapts the portlet environment to
>struts (or vice-versa).  At kind of a low level, it seems that having a
>portlet's processAction method delegate to a specific struts action should
>be easy to do.  Capturing the actionForward from it in the request scope so
>that the portlet's render method could simply include that page (forwards
>apparently "non-deterministic" according to the spec) also seems relatively
>trivial.  There would have to be an obvious refactoring of the JSP pages to
>use the portlet tag's "actionURL" to generate action URLs for forms.
>So, who has converted a Struts based app to a portlet presentation method??
>What were you able to reuse?  What worked and what didn't??  What would you
>do differently if you had to do it over again?  Obviously, I'd like to
>minimize refactoring (perhaps building adapters) and maximize reuse.  :-)
>And when Struts 2.0 DOES come out, hopefully I've done nothing to preclude
>myself from returning to the fold, but that's kind of a low priority.  Could
>a custom RequestProcessor that also implemented the Portlet interface do the
>job??  I just honestly don't know, and am hoping to leverage some communal
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