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Subject Re: Starting time-consuming jobs early
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 20:59:23 GMT

Quartz might work for you

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                                       Starting time-consuming jobs early  
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Hi all,

It looks like I am going to be involved with a project where the goal
is to gather a bunch of product information from multiple databases,
and then mix-n-match (a highly-technical term there) all that data to
ultimately generate some metrics charts.  It seems that making this a
web application would be good here becuase several groups within this
company X can then share this information.  But since it will take so
long to get the results, I'm wondering if there is some sort of way
using servlets or whatever that I can have this job kick off at maybe
midnight on Friday night so that all the data will be freshly available
on Monday morning when it would be needed.  I've considered maybe using
a cron job to fire off a Perl script to do all the work, and then load
the database with the data that would be replaced each week.  But, I'd
be interested in knowing if I could have it setup some slick way with


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