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From "Hookom, Jacob" <>
Subject RE: [OT] RE: Memory usage
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 22:41:12 GMT
I think especially in large corporate environments, it can be very difficult
to "boil to the surface" without stepping on toes.  People have different
ideas on what it means to work and what is acceptable code ;-)

I have managers who only know the way things were done 5-10 years ago, but
I'm very lucky in that they know that they have the business knowledge and
the new blood has the technology knowledge.

-----Original Message-----
From: P K [] 
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 3:58 PM
Subject: RE: [OT] RE: Memory usage

Sorry to continue on this topic. I've learnt a great deal of non struts
stuff on this list and this only adds to it.
I've been bothered (mostly in my mind) with questions about peoples
capabilities and desires when it comes to work. Viru, this original poster
of the question on Memory Usage clearly has a desire to learn, but what
about people who don't? How do you deal with them?
I currently work with a Tech Lead who wouldn't be able to output a String to
standard out if asked to write a program. I don't care about her taking
credit for the work that we do. She doesn't provide any leadership
whatsoever to the project except produce paper that no one bothers to read.
Have you guys come across situations like this? What have you done about it?
Don't get me wrong - I am not prone to complaining nor do I think I am a
member of the elite 'Black Team'.
Quoting "Dhaliwal, Pritpal (HQP)" <>:
> +1
> I agree with everyone who has responded. We should not clutter this very
> friendly mailing list with things that don't belong here, that includes
> so nice" responses. I haven't been on many, but this is by far my favorite
> list, even though I am mainly a spectator. 
> I lashed out because this question clearly didn't belong here. If the
> had followed anything in,
> it must that they were polite. They certainly didn't do much investigation
> outside on the internet. The little bit of unfriendliness, I dunno why it
> came out. Unprofessional, it shouldn't have came out.
Even questions that don't belong here deserve to be treated with respect.
is the single most obvious characteristic of STRUTS-USER that is distinctive
(even though it has lots of other good qualities).
Unfortunately, you decided to unload on a poster in a manner that is
out of the norm for STRUTS-USER. Your response is the kind of behavior that
creates problems for the perception of open source projects as being
to users or not. If you think the topic is totally out of scope for
STRUTS-USER, then you should either (a) answer the question anyway but point
people to where they should really be asking; (b) *gently* encourage the
to explore the other resources that are available (the archives are full of
examples of folks who have done this), or (c) shut your yap and press DELETE
instead of SUBMIT on your replies :-).
The culture of the STRUTS-USER list has always been *deliberately* different
from the "you idiot, how could you be so stupid as to ask that question in
way" sort of attitude that far too many open source projects have. 
Fortunately, despite the fact that this is the most-subscribed-to user list
Jakarta (ten short of 3000 at the moment), the occurrences of rude behavior
so rare that they immediately attract notice for being out of character for
what we're trying to achieve :-). I'd say that we've been doing a pretty
job maintaining a friendly, welcoming, and helpful community. I'd also like
keep it that way.
Craig McClanahan
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