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From Tim Coy <>
Subject Re: [OT] MacOS X Java/Struts development (was RE: [OT] Maven (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] Struts 1.2.0 Test Build available))
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 22:47:09 GMT
I have been doing Struts projects on Mac OS X (currently Panther) for nearly
2 years now using Eclipse/Dreamweaver/Ant etc
I like it. Most of my associate developers using windows on the same
projects seem to wish they had a mac to work with.

Java on the Mac has come a long way in 8 years.

Just be prepared for different frustrations :-)

> I had been considering moving to MacOS X for a while now just because of
> general windows frustration.  I was wondering how many issues, such as the
> one below, there are in developing on a mac?  I've heard that Eclipse runs
> much faster in Windows than on a Mac as well, and I don't know if their
> Xcode environment can work with java.  The last time I was developing java
> on a mac was about 8 years ago, I think we were using Codewarrior at the
> time.
> Are many people on the list developing java with MacOS, and which tools work
> best on that platform?
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