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From Shyam A <>
Subject Re: [OT] Database locking and deadlock
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 23:29:30 GMT

Thanks again. I'm not in a position to switch to
IBatis as my application is currently in use. Right
now, I'm manually killing the user sessions which lock
up the table in the database. My database is Oracle
9i, and this problem seems to occur only with large
numbers of concurrent users. In my DAO,I update three
tables as part of a transaction - table A and/or table
B (in loops), and table C. Commit operation is done
only after all tables are updated successfully. So, it
may be possible that the DBMS locks up rows of table A
or B (before commit) and waits until it updates table
C for the commit. Is this the cause of the problem?

I've not been able to determine (using SQl Plus, TOAD
) which query is causing the row-level lock.

Any ideas?


--- Vic Cekvenich <> wrote:
> Is there a way you can reproduce this w/ iSQL
> command line?
> I assume Sybase, since you said row-level.
> My guess is that it's not the sql, but your DAO
> logic somehow. It would 
> take you only a day or so to switch that one update
> to
> .V
> Shyam A wrote:
> > Vic,
> > 
> > Thanks for the pointer,but is there any way of
> > salvaging the current situation?.It seems the
> "Update"
> > operation is causing the DBMS to have row-level
> locks
> > on the table,eventually leading to deadlock.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Shyam
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