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From "Chappell, Simon P" <>
Subject Life, the Universe and Everything (was: RE: [OT] RE: Memory usage)
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 22:27:50 GMT
While the original flame war was less helpful, the question that has emerged from it's ashes
is a good one. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I can offer some personal observations.
Feel free to disagree.

1. You can do nothing about those who choose not to learn. I've tried changing them and it
doesn't work. I consider this a basic fact.

2. You have a great deal of control over your ability to learn. If you aren't big time into
learning, then I recommend catching some enthusiasm for it.

3. There will be always be good and bad tech leads. I am a tech lead; I try to be a good one.
I can put a String to standard out or standard error! ;-)

4. I had the same frustrations that you have. I made the decision that the best way to restore
the balance of good in the universe, was to try to become the kind of tech lead that I would
have wanted when I was a newbie/humble grunt. I teach a class on learning Java one lunchtime
a week and try to bestow a little wisdom and encouragement whenever I can. I am a Java mentor
here and I lead a study group of us that are seeking our Java Certification.

5. No one reads documentation. This is a fact. Learn what is "drop dead fired and escorted
from the building" important and then try to auto-generate it. :-)

6. Leadership is a rare commodity. There's a lot of management out there, but precious little
leadership. Again, deal with it. Become a leader and just do what needs to be done. This is
what I have tended to do. The ol' saying about "it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission"
is very true (except I sometimes forget to ask for forgiveness! :-)

7. Black team? How 90's, Our team wears Hawaiian shirts! (Honest. :-)


>-----Original Message-----
>From: P K []
>Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 3:58 PM
>Subject: RE: [OT] RE: Memory usage
>Sorry to continue on this topic. I've learnt a great deal of 
>non struts stuff on this list and this only adds to it.
>I've been bothered (mostly in my mind) with questions about 
>peoples capabilities and desires when it comes to work. Viru, 
>this original poster of the question on Memory Usage clearly 
>has a desire to learn, but what about people who don't? How do 
>you deal with them?
>I currently work with a Tech Lead who wouldn't be able to 
>output a String to standard out if asked to write a program. I 
>don't care about her taking credit for the work that we do. 
>She doesn't provide any leadership whatsoever to the project 
>except produce paper that no one bothers to read. Have you 
>guys come across situations like this? What have you done 
>about it? Don't get me wrong - I am not prone to complaining 
>nor do I think I am a member of the elite 'Black Team'.
>Quoting "Dhaliwal, Pritpal (HQP)" <>:
>> +1
>> I agree with everyone who has responded. We should not 
>clutter this very
>> friendly mailing list with things that don't belong here, 
>that includes "not
>> so nice" responses. I haven't been on many, but this is by 
>far my favorite
>> list, even though I am mainly a spectator. 
>> I lashed out because this question clearly didn't belong 
>here. If the person
>> had followed anything in 
>> it must that they were polite. They certainly didn't do much 
>> outside on the internet. The little bit of unfriendliness, I 
>dunno why it
>> came out. Unprofessional, it shouldn't have came out.
>Even questions that don't belong here deserve to be treated 
>with respect. That
>is the single most obvious characteristic of STRUTS-USER that 
>is distinctive
>(even though it has lots of other good qualities).
>Unfortunately, you decided to unload on a poster in a manner 
>that is decidedly
>out of the norm for STRUTS-USER. Your response is the kind of 
>behavior that
>creates problems for the perception of open source projects as 
>being "friendly"
>to users or not. If you think the topic is totally out of scope for
>STRUTS-USER, then you should either (a) answer the question 
>anyway but point
>people to where they should really be asking; (b) *gently* 
>encourage the user
>to explore the other resources that are available (the 
>archives are full of
>examples of folks who have done this), or (c) shut your yap 
>and press DELETE
>instead of SUBMIT on your replies :-).
>The culture of the STRUTS-USER list has always been 
>*deliberately* different
>from the "you idiot, how could you be so stupid as to ask that 
>question in that
>way" sort of attitude that far too many open source projects have. 
>Fortunately, despite the fact that this is the 
>most-subscribed-to user list at
>Jakarta (ten short of 3000 at the moment), the occurrences of 
>rude behavior are
>so rare that they immediately attract notice for being out of 
>character for
>what we're trying to achieve :-). I'd say that we've been 
>doing a pretty good
>job maintaining a friendly, welcoming, and helpful community. 
>I'd also like to
>keep it that way.
>Craig McClanahan
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