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From Wayne Kidd <>
Subject Query String for tiles
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 19:43:48 GMT
Is it possible to attach a query string to a tiles forward.

my struts-config.xml has an entry like

<action path="/login" name="login" 
type="com.rdlogic.struts.control.LoginAction" >
<forward name="startapp" path="tiles.self.effort"></forward>
<forward name="userForInput" path="tiles.self.effort"></forward>
<forward name="showlogin" path="tiles.login"></forward>

My Tiles-defs.xml has an entry like

<definition name="tiles.self.effort" extends="tiles.full.layout">
<put name="head.title" value="/pages/title.jspf"/>
<put name="body" value="/pages/time_inputeffort_body_nested.jspf"></put>

I want the net result of forward "startapp" to have a query string like


I want the remember to be dynamically settable (during the execution of 
the LoginAction code I want to pick whether it is "test001" or "test002"

Anybody know a way.


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