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From "Slattery, Tim - BLS" <>
Subject RE: Problems when not using html:form
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 17:23:59 GMT
> Yes, but the server would have to find an app with the 
> web.xml first, right? If my URL is at 
> "" and the form 
> is submitted to <form action="/">, it would map to 
> "".  
> Of course if the web app was deployed as the root 
> application, then the web.xml mapping will kick in.

You're right, I'm wrong.

I see in my app that this tag:

<html-el:form  action="/">

Resolves to this HTML:

<form name="ItemListBean" method="post" action="/PPI/">

It seems that the <html-el:form...> tag is prepending the app context to the
"action" value.

Tim Slattery

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