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From "Edgar Silva" <>
Subject Re: Printing nested properties
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 16:53:19 GMT
Hi Friends...

I will reply my question, because I get the correct way to solve it:

Is very simple:

<logic:iterate id="customer" name="customers">
    <logic:iterate id="sale" name="customer" property="sales">
    do something with beans

Anyway Thanks and any other idea will be appreciated.


Edgar Silva

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From: "Edgar Silva" <>
To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 11:08 AM
Subject: Printing nested properties

folder structureHi Folks...

I have a situation where I have this model:


- name : String
- phone : String
- addr1 : String:
- addr2 : String
- sales: Vector (of following classe)

- date: Date
- paymentMethod: String
- value: Double

How can I present the properties from sales objects from Vector inside the
property sales from bean Customer?

I would like to present: customer.getSales().getPaymentMethod() , but I
wanna show with bean:write tag...

some idea?

since now...



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