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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject Re: Tiles And Frames
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 23:56:47 GMT
For you Tiles devotees out there, I think this would be something that 
would be really helpful.  This is a recurring question.  I know!  I 
know!  If I have time, I will, after the other stuff.  Just a second of 
this need.

At 10:35 AM 2/5/2004, Mutreja, Shitij wrote:
>Is there a good place/article/sample code  to check out, for mixing
>framesets and tiles. The App that I am working on seems to need to use both.
>Basically, we have to display content such that there are 2 frames, the left
>one showing some text, while the right one accepts user input. Both these
>also need to be scrollable separately.
>Am reposting this question. Sorry am desperate for an answer. Has anyone
>ever tried using framesets from within tiles instead of the other way
>My intention is to somehow include these frames within a Body tile. The
>other issue is that there is also a footer tile, which might need to include
>a frameset. The reason being the the control buttons need to always be
>visible(without having to scroll to view them).
>Here is what i tried:
>Layout used for the Body:
>         <div id="content-well">
>                 <tiles:insert attribute="quiz"/>
>                 <tiles:insert attribute="quizfooter"/>
>         </div>
>quiz actually has a value in the tile-defs that points to the
>quizcontent.jsp shown below:
>                         <frameset cols="20,720,*">
>                                 <frame frameborder="0">
>                                 <frameset cols="360,*">
>                                         <frame frameborder="0"
>                                         <frame frameborder="0"
>                                 </frameset>
>                                 <frame frameborder="0">
>                         </frameset>
>The problem with this is that the "/practicequizzes/quiz.jsp" is never
>actually sourced and I just see nothing in the body tile.
>Shitij Mutreja
>The College Board
>11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 300
>Reston, VA 20190
>571.262.5701 (Phone)
>703.707.5596 (Fax)

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