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From Hubert Rabago <>
Subject Re: Setting nocache
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 03:00:08 GMT
Take a look at Struts transaction tokens.  That will help provide your Action
with a flag to ignore successive transactions (in this case, logins), even
when the user hits "ok" on the resend prompt. 
If you don't want the user to even see the resend prompt, you can redirect to
the view after the transaction.  Even with a redirect, though, you might
still want to add the transaction token checking.

 - Hubert

--- wrote:
> Hi Jay:
>  Thanks for the response. That didn't have the intended result but, it
> appears to be working when I look at the headers.
>  Maybe my goal's not clear?
>  Outline of steps in my web app. and where I want to prevent repost as
> follows:
> 1) http://<host>:<port>/afadmin/
>   presents login form
> 2) On successful login user info is stored in session and user is
> forwarded to view:
> http://<host>:<port>/afadmin/console.afr
> At the moment this is just simple page with a header, menu, body and
> footer.
>  If you hit the refresh at this view the browser still has the post data
> from the login view and if I click "OK" it re-sends the login information.
> Is there a way to prevent the repost on the client end? Or, at least
> indicate to the client that I'd like it to forget about the post
> information from the previous view?
> Or, am I approaching this incorrectly? Should I just ignore the re-post in
> my loginAction ?
>   I found this but, in my present state of mind (too darned tired) it
> seems like overkill:
> Thanks,
> -Ryan
> > In your struts-config.xml <controller> element, thus:
> >
> > <controller>
> >
> >     <set-property property="nocache" value="true"/>
> >
> > </controller>
> >
> > Jay
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