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From Andy Engle <>
Subject RE: [OT] Looking for junior Java/Struts developers
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 18:12:56 GMT
Joe Hertz <> wrote:

> I grew up in Reston (and you've made me nauseous by calling it
> "tops!" tyvm :-). I mean, any place that has zoning laws telling you
> you cannot paint your house the color you want, can fine you for not
> mowing your lawn, has outlawed street lights and tells McDonalds it
> cannot have Golden Arches, and that Convience Stores must not face
> the roads (all in the name of keeping property values up), it a
> little bit up uptight for me.

Oh I didn't live there, I just worked there.  I lived in Frederick
County, Maryland, which was quite a bit better of a place to live than
in Reston.  I agree, those laws are quite a bit uptight -- no place
should have obnoxious zoning like that.  But the area is pretty clean,
seems to not have much of a crime rate, and has decent roads and places
to eat.  A good place to work, but I'd live in Frederick, MD any day
over Reston.


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