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From "Dirk Manske (Service Respond)" <>
Subject Struts + Frames + Requests
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 00:43:01 GMT

I am creating a struts web app. In one html page I have to use frames where
you can enter some values in one frame and after submitting the result is
displayed in another frame. Currently this is theory because I experience
two problems:

1. After submit an action is called. The action computes some values and
then forwards a request to a another action class which handles the
navigation. In fact, the request is never populated and I guess this has
something to do with frames because I heard that frames send new requests...
any idea how to fix it?

2. The input of the user gets validated. When an error occurs the form will
be displayed in the origin frame and in the target frame as well! It seems
as when struts cannot figure out which page from which frame has been
submitted and returns the input page to the target frame. Can someone help?


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