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From ajay <>
Subject RE:[OT]Looking for junior Java/Struts developers
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 23:20:10 GMT
when: 2004
where: sydney
citizenship: australian

the problem though is that most people here thesedays want some level of 
experience before they are willing to hire you, the trend is a lot towards 
contract/temp jobs.
the problem ofcourse is where to get that elusive experience, and uni project 
experience doesn't count for anything.
so you have this cycle where you are looking to get some experience and most 
companies want only experienced personnel.
and when it comes to tax i believe australia has one of the world's highest tax 
rate, and sydney is way too pricey.

but what i would like to know is whats the scenario outside, like int he 
states, singapore, UK etc. is there a good demand for qualified but 
inexperienced IT graduates. would a move abroad be good?


> Jiin-Her hits the nail on the head
>  I certainly wouldn't want to make 50K while living in Boston or New York
> City...
> Here's the cost of living for Herndon VA
> Cost of living (taxes, expenses, insurance, etc...) can change from town
> to town even. As the add says you need to move to Herndon VA to live on
> that 50K. ;)
> -R^3
> On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Jiin-Her Lu wrote:
> > Depends on when, where, and what is your citizenship. It can be up to $
> 85000+  in US.
> >
> > Jiin-Her Lu
> > (816) 926-2145
> >
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