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From ajay <>
Subject RE: Looking for junior Java/Struts developers
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 04:34:04 GMT
whats a graduate programmer worth? i'm told to accept 45k, which i believe in
the states would be 30k or roundabouts.
*sniff* US 50k *sniff*
i wonder how many years i'll have to slave for before i see money like that.

50k US??? Thats like 85k over here - which is a *lot* more than even a very
senior programmer is worth nevermind a junior. 85k for a JUNIOR programmer.
Wow! You could buy a car with that! (Which unlike junior programmers are
distinctly not cheap over here. <sigh/>)

so... whats the tax rate like over in the States these days?

Who Dares Wins

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