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From "Renato Romano" <>
Subject <html:checkbox> and struts-EL
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 16:57:46 GMT
I'm using a customized version of the checkbox tag that always sets in
the property field a value of true or false depending on the state of
the checkbox, thus avoiding the noisy problem of "not checked tags does
not reset the property"; this was needed to me because the form is in
session scope, and so using the reset form method was not easy. Anyway,
I now need to use such a checkbox inside nested/indexed properties, that
I access using struts-el. It works fine, but I now think I shoul
override the struts-el checkbox tag class to obtain the same behavior
that's right ? 

Is there any class relationship between the struts-el tags and the
corresponding struts tags ?? I looked for documentation or javaDoc but
couldn't find nothing...
Any help is appreciated


Renato Romano
Sistemi e Telematica S.p.A.
Calata Grazie - Vial Al Molo Giano
16127 - GENOVA

Tel.:   010 2712603

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