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From Michael Wever <>
Subject Dynamic insertion of JSP
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 13:00:00 GMT
How would/should I dynamic insert a JSP?

We have a model where the main tile of the webpage comes from documents
in our database. These documents often have layouts referencing to
further sub-documents, and all infact undergo xslt.
My problem arises when I want some of these sub-documents to be input
forms or jsp pages (eg quiz of the day), but I have no idea how to
achieve this! I do not want to be manually writing <input> tags into the

How do I get the JSP compiler to read the document coming
from the database to find and correctly execute any <@include.. or
<jsp:include.. tags? 
For example: is there a way to perform the <c:out../> of the document
first, and then execute all <@include> tags even if they were from the
output of the <c:out> tag?
Or is there a way in the java code to get a handle on a jsp? So given a
token in the document I could simply replace the token with a compiled jsp?

One thought was to simply use applets. It's easy to insert <applet... into
the document in the database and then write the applet separate. But
applets are such a pain to get working across the mass of pc's and browser

Another idea was to do the filtering of document in the main tile's jsp.
Something like
<c:out... document upto start of token,
<@include page="token">
<c:out... remaining section of document.


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