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From "Tin Pham" <>
Subject Tiles with XML and XSL
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 04:30:04 GMT

I am wondering if anybody here has mulled over the idea of using XML and XSL
with Tiles.

Right now I have a great application that makes use of Struts 1.1 with a
role based layout using Tiles. It uses the common layout we see everywhere,
header, dynamic menu, footer and of course body.

I started thinking that it would be nice to put all the content of the body
tile into an XML file. Just the content though. Including forms and buttons
might not be a good idea at this stage. Simpler would be better as my team
is still learning to be proficient with Struts.

Googled of course and did not find much.

The two approaches I am considering are,

Change the reference in the tile definition of body=myContent.jsp to a kind
of composition servlet which recieves as paramaters, the xml and xslt file
to output as html (with this approach I would have to include the forms and

Make a reference to my xml and xslt server side using a custom tag in the
jsp page.

Figure out a way to render this client side relying on the browser.

Any thoughts or links to resources would be greatly appreciated.

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